Welcome to Aligned Collective Workspace!

The ONLY office space operating with this ease of accessibility in the Sea to Sky!  Choose the membership that is right for you then follow these steps to access an office today!

  • Once you choose your pass below, you'll be redirected to the homepage.  If you have purchased a day pass, you must use/redeem the pass to access the space the same day as you would like access. 
  • On the day of your reservation, go to the homepage, you'll see a "Use your punch pass". Click that. Again, the reservation does not use your pass. This must be done in your browser, not in the application. 
  • Next, download the app and sign in to the account you just created or go to the Aligned Collective website and login. Access the space from the side door (south side of building). In your account, you will find "KEYS". There is a "Downstairs door" and "upsatirs door" that you can click on to unlock. You will have access until 11:59pm on the date of your reservation.
  • NOTE:  You must use your pass or purchase a membership to have the keys available.  No pass use.  No door keys. 

Download the app here

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